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-to-work state. thousands of protesters and union members converged on the capitol in lansing yesterday to object to the measure that would bar unions from requiring workers to pay membership dues and to join the union. governor snyder signed the measure into law. >> shouldn't the unionsing putting out a proposition that workers want to join a union? and shouldn't workers feel free to make that choice to say their dollars are going to the union or not based on they feel they're getting results? so that's what this is really doing. so that's why i view this as pro-worker, not anti-union. >> the right-to-work clause regarded as a big blow to organized labor which has seen membership decline across the country. down to private sector 7%. >> you think overall, isn't it, 7%? more than 50% of those work for the government. >> 7% and more than that if you go up, like -- i think it's 16% if you include -- 13 if you include public, which is -- where it is. a contentious issue. they point to what happened in indiana. you know, more jobs, better -- better economy -- >> i think the -- >> the right-to-work st
that is his world view. what has the city of chicago be doing? >> rahm emanuel took on the teacher's union. >> he got rolled. and they've been selling assets. it's been asset sales, parking contract, not dealing with the underlying spending problems. so house republicans are determined to deal with this debt question. so when boehner comes out and gives his talk right after the election -- >> but honestly, the administration has criticized the republicans because there are no specifics in the spending cuts. >> come on, look. the erskine bowles language -- you know how this works. house republicans are will -- >> give me one. >> i won't play that game and here's why. house republicans -- house republicans are willing to sit . house republicans are willing to sit down. they're not any more anxious to deal with the cuts and pass the cuts than anybody else is but we demonstrated through the ryan budget, we did it once, we did it twice -- >> i'll give you that point. i wish everybody would stop talking about this in public and get behind closed doors and actually make this happen. i can't belie
you. >>> coming up, why as many as 10,000 union workers are expected to march on the michigan capital today. if you get a chance, read the lead editorial on the "wall street journal." this might bring us some things you haven't thought about. plus, which bank has the best customer -- a quick glance, and you can see if you're on track. when the conversation turns to knowing where you stand, turn to us. wells fargo advisors. where you stand, turn to us. as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%. mmmm tasty. and cut! very good. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please? having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry ab
pacific northwest ports. it's been averted. the dock workers union says its workers will stay on the on job despite substandard controls. both sides are leaving the door open to further negotiations. meanti meantime, about 15 container cargo ports on the atlanta and gulf coast are bracing for a strike by nearly 15,000 union dock workers on december 30th unless shippers extend their contract. and commerce on a key stretch of the mississippi could be halted earlier than expected next week due to low water levels. this could disrupt shipment of grain and other goods and it could do it for months. shippers have been watching a street of the mississippi between st. louis and cairo. and you never know if you were pronouncing it right, some of these others like bagoda or lima, ohio, or versailles. you never know but i think it is cairo, illinois, due to concerns about potential closers.ñ >> i'm not looking at you. >> all week on cnbc we've been focusing on the prospects for 2013. sheer is sharon herson with the outlook for commodities. >> resources that come out of the ground hinge
to address the pilots union with the view of the airline's future following its bankruptcy restructuring. the unions favor a merger with us airways that would turn management over to that airline's executives. we talked a lot about that. the u.s. home reowe potions rose to a nine-month high in november. that's according to a new figure from realty track even as the number of homes entering foreclosure process are at a six-year low. >> it did not escape all of our viewers that we were going to dance on break and then we came back with a bunch of deliverance music. that was for -- the dueling guest hosts. we already headed for dueling guest hosts. it was preproduced. and then we happened to serendipitously say we were going to do the tango on break. >> i was pushing for the fox trot. >> why can't apart? anyway "the wall street journal" says that barclays plans to eliminate as many as 2,000 jobs in its investment bank as part of the restructuring plan. the cuts are exexpected to be announced last year. barclays would be the latest to make such a deal. and we're going to go to what we asked
? the biggest issue is on container royalties which are paid to union workers. they get part of it based on the weight of the cargo. a strike could hurt exports, factories, also it would affect retailers who are awaiting shipments of spring merchandise. now it's important. we're going to go to today's national weather forecast. last year, reynolds, you would come on, you would try and make it interesting. but it wasn't. this year, it's every day we need to, you know, dvr you because there's a lot going on. >> oh, that's certainly the case. it's been really like an assembly line. one storm system after another rolling across the continent that has been affecting millions of americans. what we're seeing is that last storm that we call euclid now leaving the u.s. and bringing residual snow showers behind the east. right behind it now, we have at another system making its way towards the coast this weekend. for much of the eastern seaboard, we expect fairly tranquil positions. much of south texas could see rainfall. dallas, texas, rain early. and improving through the rest of the day. and th
with their same store sales for the month of november. also european union leaders gathering in oslo, norway, this morning to receive the nobel peace prize. the nobel committee is awarding the prize to the european union for fostering peace on a continent ravaged by war. >>> spanish language media company telemundo is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. the company is ringing the bell at the nasdaq this morning. joining us right now acceptle yae romano. he is president of telemundo media which is owned by our parent cop comcast. emilio, thank you for joining us this morning. >> pleasure. >> part of the things that you're doing this morning is unveiling a new logo. getting away from the "t" but also a celebration of the growth of the company. >> that's exactly right. we're reflecting what our viewers have said to us about the duality of being hispanic and being in the u.s. so our new bold and very good brand that shows the duality that they live here in the u.s. is going to be the new way we're going to present telemundo. we're doing that having the best year ever. our ratings have be
weakness into opportunity and sought, amid great adversity to create what time says is a more perfect union. >>> ubs hit with a $1.5 billion fine. and manipulation by dozens of staff. the agreement was agreed to with u.s. and swiss regulators. they should have dean this earlier, barkleys only get hit for $250 million, you wait too long and end up with $1.5. barclays was hit back in june. the second largest fine ever only by hsbc $1.9 billion penalty agreed to, to settle the laundering probe, u.s. probe into laundering money. >>> and, if you haven't heard yet, we want to let you know, getco is doing it, beat iing ou and values knight at $3.75 a share. sirius xm radio has appointed jim meyer ceo. becky's hair is falling down a little bit. when women move their hair like that, it's something people need to see. >> thank you. appreciate that. >> a good luck. >> on walt thl street, that wou have been a fat finger trade. and the market down 80 points. here, we took the wrong camera. and replacing mel karmazin. and that picture has to be 20 years old because that picture doesn't look nearly that y
debt at gm, senior debt holders were subordinated to the union? >> no, senior security creditors were paid 117 cash in gm. bond holders with the union retiree claims -- >> the subordinated dead holders were even with who did you say? >> parapasu. >> parapasu? >> that's so rich. >> what are the calories? >> tiramisu? >> parapasu. >> i don't need that. >> but then that deal was improved. >> when would you have sold if you were in charge? >> so, if you were purely a financial investor you wouldn't have sold yet. look for the full rebound of the auto industry and great visibility in the economy. and of course the government wanted to get out much sooner than that. and so that was the balance of treasuries and striking ever since 2009. i think that the -- i think gm a year ago i was on. i said gm was dirt cheap. stock's up 38% since then. i still think it's really cheap. so i think you see a stock somewhere between the mid 30s. that would have been a time. >> they still got 15 months to sell, right? they got a little optionality in the time. you think it's going to run? >> this announcemen
, though. this is not it. >> we join the european union, we adopt universal health care with single payer, we do climate change. we do cradle to grave -- >> the euro is nice and strong. 1.31. >> it's a global economy anyway. >> right. >> he loves -- >> i don't do political chess for a living. i do the math of the political chess. >> i'm doing the chess. >> you have to think about this. >> check mate. what's check mate? before that. before that. you got to go. but i want to know how i asked roger whether he had talked to people around the white house that do think eventually it could hurt the president. he thought it would. i don't think they think it's going to hurt the president. >> i'm pretty sure the people i talked to do not. >> barry what happens with the market reaction? downgrade from the debt agencies? last time around it didn't seem to have a huge market impact. >> the back end of the treasury curve steepened california maltically. there's a history of that. it happened during the government shutdown in early '96, so there will be disruption in the markets for sure. the dollar sp
, it was sold to an unsided buyer. we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of tim and laura. it's amazing how appreciative people are when you tell them they could save a lot of money on their car insurance by switching to geico...they may even make you their best man. may i have the rings please? ah, helzberg diamonds. nice choice, mate. ...and now in the presence of these guests we join this loving couple. oh dear... geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >>> welcome back, everybody. we've been watching the futures, they are mixed, dow slightly higher but you can also see futures are lower for the s&p and the nasdaq. in our headlines apple and samsung are back in court in a high profile patent case. samsung is seeking to overturn an august verdict that found it guilty of infringing patents and ordered it to pay apple $1 billion. apple is seeking $500 million more. >>> sales of homes in the middle of foreclosure process were up 22% in the third quarter compared to a year earlier. realty track says a third were short sales where a lender agrees to accept
. the walkout has dramatically slowed activity. stock workers refuse to cross picket lines set up by union clishgal workers. we're going to take one more break. this is the way we do these things. we have to do a certain amount for every 60 minutes. if we have a long 15-minute period, they know we go back to back on something. if you have any questions, e-mail us becky will see it. i won't. follow us on twitter. is our handle. up next, dominos, the company's ceo joins us to talk jobs, the cliff and a fiscal break. >>> welcome back to "squawk box," everyone. in our headlines this morning, the nation's automakers are expected to report an 11.3% increase in sales for november compared to a year ago. some of that is attribute knowledge to superstorm sandy. an estimated quarter million vex were destroyed. those numbers will be out this morning. it would only say that it is speaking to, quote, interested parties. but delta air lines is involved in those sdgzs. virgin is the second largest airline at heath row. >>> and lenny dykstra will be sentenced today. he was found
the message that the unions are going to continue to control the process out there. they defeated proposition 32. they passed proposition 30 which was the increase in their taxes. so, california businessmen and women are looking at their bottom line saying, where are we going to go? other places? >> governor, is it too much of a leap to say when we do this at the federal level they leave the country, bilss can eventually leave the country. >> sure. >> but we can't seem to make the leap to say that. and i'm talking about the fiscal cliff now. i wonder if you were at 25% of gdp, if the government had grown to this size where it is right now and you were trying to figure out how to deal with it and you were in charge, would it be all about -- would the first thing you come up with be raising taxes? would not -- wouldn't you address the spending -- wouldn't you address the spending side of -- >> right. >> -- and, you know, the republicans are trying to criticize the obama proposals by saying you're not cutting spending, you're not coming to us on entitlements, but it's falling flat. no one's real
is considered crucial for greece's efforts to resolve the financial problem. >>> and the european union has fined tv and computer monitor makers about $2 billion saying those companies fixed monitor tube prices for a decade which ended in 2006 talking about companies like philips, lg, and panasonic among the companies fined. philips, which was assessed the biggest chunk of the penalty says it will appeal the ruling. >>> and mortgage applications rose 4.5% last week according to new figures from the mortgage bankers association. most of the increase was accounted for by a rise in refinancing activity. >>> all right. the dollar hitting a six-week low on uncertainty about whether a budget deal would be reached. meantime, oil continues to trade below $90 a barrel. joining us this morning, chief market strategist at worldwide markets. also kevin book who is managing director at clear view energy partners. and joe, let's start off talking about the dollar. i can't make heads or tails of why the dollar is under so much pressure. i know things are bad here, we're worried about the fiscal cliff. but
in like the eighth amendment. i think it's in like the first amendment. and unions have some pretty good lobbyists, too, don't they? >> yeah, they got tons of them. and we all get to have voice. we are in a democracy. but, i would also say, and i would also say to andrew's question, that you know, we're in the thick of this whole fiscal cliff discussion. i mean, because it does impact every company. it is as important as any single program or advocacy that boeing has. far more important. >> so you would urge both sides to do simpson-bowles, then? would you urge that because the fiscal cliff, we get over that. if we just delayed things or did some patchwork so that we get through that period, everything else is still just the way it was before that. >> we're not advocating for a specific solution. we're advocating for a fiscally responsible solution that recognizes the political reality that revenues are going to be part of it. but costs need to be a multiple of that. and it's -- it is something we've got to get done and whether the shape is simpson-bowles, whether the shape is something
that would cover cargo handling at 15 ports, a 9d 0-day extension to an employment contract. the union has said 15,000 long shoremen could strike a day later. rick scott sent a letter to president obama asking him to invoke federal law in order to invoke a cooling off period. i don't know what the likelihood of that is. i don't know what the president might do. do you think he would -- >> wow. that's a lot of red. >> you step out. you like to step out. you like to make statements, right? >> it's the holidays. >> i'm aware of that. >> you're wearing a red tie today. >> a shirt and a tie. that's usually what i go with, some type of shirt, some type of tie. no bells and whistles. this is your thing. whether you have bracelets -- one of those things is measuring your heart right right now. how is it? >> it's measuring my -- >> your calorie intake? >> my pressure goes up when i'm with you. well, no, this is the jaw bone. >> is it a measure of calories? >> calories, walking, sleeping, rem sleep, how much i shept last night. >> and calories. >> calories. >> if you wore it on your left wrist, woul
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